TONE DEAF: Biden INSTANTLY Regrets Posting This Picture After The Internet Set Him On Fire



Shoutout to the true American President Donald J Trump. Love

He isn’t Tone Deaf, they’re showing US the future, if they reign. Rules for thee but not for me.


    • Nah, soccer mom’s will decide the future of this country, like last time.
      They will gladly trade a closed border, no human trafficking, strong economy, dominating military, low gas prices, low crime rates, lower un-employment, fewer drugs across the border a coherent, thinking president, for the ability to murder their babies in the womb.

      • that sounds great to me. But what is stated above is completely opposite than last election. That sounds like Trump! GO Trump 2024!!

  1. Just now, Dr Megele Fauci, richest and highest paid non-elected government employee in the “District of Corruption” is on his soapbox about Covid coming back. Seem’s it get’s stronger at election time? So I guess they got to print-up millions of absentee ballots in preparation for mass loading of those boxes. Absentee ballots should only be for our military. And all voters should have a photo-registration card. If you can’t physically show-up, I guess you don’t need to vote. The last election created a lot of havoc and left a bad taste after the coup d’etat that was well in-place to steal the election from government and high-tech agencies that acted like Pravda. Even Zuckerberg admitted it! His arm wasn’t twisted very much, as he and Jack squelched the truth about a laptop that is still kept in hiding.

  2. Hypocrisy??? How about ENTITLEMENT….? HE is flashing all that he can afford, rub in the faces of those who cant even buy a loaf of bread… Get in, hell, most use a freakn’ BUS, you entitled rich MORON….. You want us to praise and admire you? Yeah, let me run out and buy an electric car. for how much? MOre than a damn house used to cost… Out of touch senile turd.

  3. I can’t believe the idiots standing behind him, speaking nothing but stupidity. When he says, ‘ the thing ‘ he’s disrespecting God.

  4. First Joe disrespects every one who has just an once of common sense. He never respected God the proof is he supports murder of God’s creation. As far as being stupid all you have to do is look at a democrat or Rino and you see and know stupid.


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